Aqua Products Aquabot Inground Automatic Swimming Pool Robotic Cleaner

Aqua Products Aquabot Inground Automatic Swimming Pool Robotic Cleaner

Aquabot robotic automatic inground pool cleaner. Every aqua products’ robotic cleaner comes equipped with a computerized microprocessor and sensors that allow it to adjust to any shape, size and type of pool. This brain allows the aquabots pool cleaner to brush, scrub, vacuum and filter the full length and breath of the pool. Such advanced technology allow aquabots to climb the walls and most steps, work around ladders and raised drains, and go into and around corners. Aquabots reverse themselves as they work up the walls to the water line, slightly changing the angle before descending the walls to clean new areas. Every seventh time aquabots climb the wall, it travels along the inside lip of the pool below the coping giving the waterline and tile above it scrubbing attention. Aqua products’ technicians install the microprocessor in every unit by hand.

Every cleaner is tested and inspected to maintain the highest level of quality. Before installation, the microprocessor is pre programmed so that it will adjust to virtually every pool and pool environment. When aquabots encounter an obstacle, a raised drain, ladder, wall or corner, they instantly adjust and continue to clean.

Built in filtration system takes all the work out of cleaning your pool. No more dragging out and connecting vac hoses — just plug in, drop in, and let it go to work! No need for supervision — the aquabot pool vacuum is pre-programmed for efficient, thorough cleaning of any size, shape, or type pool without getting hung up on ladders or steps.

High-powered suction removes the finest particles of algae, bacteria, dirt debris, sand and hair from the pool’s floors, steps, walls, and even the waterline! As it cleans, aquabot automatic pool cleaner equalizes the water temperature and chemical distribution, reducing heat and chemical costs. Water is filtered through the aquabot at a rate of 4,000 gallons per hour, while it cleans 3,500 sq.

Not for use at a commercial facility. The aquabot safely operates off 24 volts at a cost of about only 25 cents a day. The original robotic pool cleaner. With all the features to make cleaning your pool a breeze! No installation or assembly required.

Built-in filtration system — completely independent of the main pool filter… No messy hoses to deal with! Cleans any size, shape and type of in-ground pool. Pre-programmed for efficient, thorough cleaning of your pool. Climbs and cleans pool sidewalls.

Vacuums all types of debris. Lightweight — operates on only 24 volts. Walks up and scrubs most pool steps.

Quantity of water filtered = 4000 gals. Cleaning coverage = 3500 sq. Electrical cord length = 51 ft. Unit weight = 17 lbs.

Operating cost = less than 25 cents per day. Electrical plug = 110v/60hz or 230v/50hz. Filtration-mircron rating = self contained 2 micron. Scrubbing ability = heavy duty. X 17.5 in x 19.5 in. Aquabot gives you more time to enjoy your pool. Just plug it in, drop it into your pool and turn it on… The aquabot will do the rest! Is pre-programmed to scrub, vacuum and filter dirt and debris from pool bottoms, walls, waterlines and steps… The aquabot cleans all sizes, shapes and types of in-ground swimming pools.

Has its own special filtration pump and bag located inside its body and operates completely independent of your main pool filter, eliminating the need for messy, bulky hoses. Engineered for reliable worry-free operation. The aquabot cannont become stuck on stairs or ladders or become tangled in hoses as with other pool cleaners. Just take the aquabot out of the box and put it in your pool…

Cut your summer pool bills in half! The aquabot drastically reduces the frequency of wasteful backwashing, saving thousands of gallons of water per year and reducing your chemical consumption by as much as 30%. With the aquabot at work in your pool, you can even decrease the running time of your pool’s filtration system by as much as 60%.

The aquabot has front and rear scrubbing brushes which loosen and remove heavy dirt and fine particles to be vacuumed and trapped in the filter bag. The aquabot has excptionally high suction power, enabling it to vacuum up all types of dirt and debris from your pool. The aquabot will clean and purify thousands of gallons of water per hour. The aquabot is equipped with an oversized, re-usable filter bag that has a large capacity to hold leaves and other debris.

The filter bag can easily be removed for periodic cleaning. Removes algae growth and bacteria. The aquabot will scrub, vacuum and filter out all types of debris, including algae and other small particles.

As a result of the aquabot’s heavy-duty pumping action, the pool’s bottom water is circulated and forced to the surface, raising the overall water temperature and creating a more equal distribution of chemicals that would normally settle to the floor of the pool. Operating the aquabot is as simple as dropping it into your pool and plugging it in. It does the rest itself. The aquabot is safe and easy to use, operating only only 24 volts (the equivelant of three radio batteries) and costing less than about 25 cents a day to run. The aquabot requires little or no maintenance.

The aqubot is constructed of corrosion-proof materials and has fewer than 10 moving parts. These rates apply to the lower 48 states only. Save on pool supplies now delivers on saturdays for no additional charge.

If the combined weight of your order is 500 lbs. We strive to provide you with high quality products.

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